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Dionne Ragland


Dionne Ragland is the owner of Ragland Logistics LLC established in 2023 and The

Relaxation Studio established in 2010. Ragland Logistics LLC is a transportation/delivery trucking business delivering general freight and household goods throughout the states. The Relaxation Studio is a home-based and corporate massage business dedicated to giving you the best massage therapy experience possible, whether it’s 10 minutes or 1 hour.

She has been dedicated to serving and sharing the word of her Lord and Savior all of her

adult life.

She has worked as a Project Manager/Coordinator with the Noise Mitigation Program

offered through St. Louis City Airport Noise Program for over 10 years. She kept all

homeowners, contractors, vendors, etc up-to-date throughout the entire construction

process. She held everyone accountable for doing their part and staying on track/time.

She was also responsible for getting all contracts signed and notarized by all parties

involved. She checked invoices against the spreadsheets for accuracy before sending

them to accounting for payment.

Dionne is now using her business mind and the skills she has learned throughout the

years to run her own businesses and to being a valued, helpful Board Member for My

Life In A Bag Foundation.

Dionne Ragland
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