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Antoinette Ethridge


My name is Antoinette Ethridge. I grew up in a small community in Hampton, VA. I was always passionate about helping others so I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology focusing on Early Childhood Education. My career as an elementary school teacher began in 2013, and I saw a more vital need to lead children. That led me to further my education, earning my master’s degree in Educational Leadership with a focus on Administration and Supervision.  As I expanded my leadership throughout my teaching career, I found that maybe I wasn’t living at my fullest potential. I started raising my own family and battled with that feeling for years and as impactful as it was, I still felt expendable. My personal reliance on continuing this journey led me to realize I could still fulfill the needs of others, just through a larger lens. Antoinette Writes, LLC was birthed through my passion for helping people get to the next level. Supporting me at home are my husband, three children, and little yorkie-poo. As I began this journey in 2020, I was quickly shown how powerful writing was in supporting a mission and impacting hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people at once. I help my clients plan their grant cycle by utilizing a funding strategy, researching the best grant opportunities, and then writing grant applications and proposals on their behalf.

Antoinette Writes, LLC

Antoinette Ethridge, CEO & Executive Director

Antoinette Ethridge
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