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Charles "Bizkitt" Smith

Founder & CEO

Charles “Bizkitt” Smith, President and CEO of Agape Executive Protection & Management, L.L.C. established 1998 providing personal protection for celebrity and high-profile clients. Served over 10 years in law enforcement private security and over 30 years in promotions and management in the entertainment industry.

Provided personal protection for Too-short, DJ Quick, Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick, just to name a few and serve as head of security for Run-DMC, and personal bodyguard for DMC of Run-DMC since 1995. Been part of major production and tours that has covered domestic and international as well as video and television and movie shoots.

Since 2014 my life has been dedicated to serve the Lord and Savior. My wife and I joined our church home, Hope Church, where we are members. We serve the Lord in volunteering and I serve as personal protection for our Pastors and support and training as one of the leaders of Hope church security team. I also serve as personal protection for Evangelist Johnathan Shuttleworth and his family of Revival Today Church in Pittsburgh,PA.

In between traveling, I started working and dedicating my time to working with children in foster care and group home facilities. I noticed when the youth would come to the group homes, they would have their whole life in a trash bag.  Whenever they went on home visits, they would use a trash bag to put their clothes and other items in. During that time, the Lord revealed to me my purpose was to bring attention and change to the way the youth transported the clothes and other things that they felt were important to them.

So, in 2019 I started using my own money to buy luggage. I also got donations of gently used luggage from family and friends to give to the children that were transitioning from the program. Children that went on home visits got overnight bags.

In 2021 I started a foundation called, “My Life in A Bag". This foundation gives youth in foster care and group homes free luggage, overnight bags, as well as support with hygiene products, underclothes, and socks. We will be in 2023 supporting them with shoes as well. Our goal is every child that needs a suitcase when traveling in foster care and group homes. Our goal is to provide for them all, because their belongings are not considered trash.

In the summer of 2022, my wife and I started a business called King & Queen enterprise LLC, and we also started a foundation called King & Queen nonprofit that will be geared towards “Ushering in a vibrant, prosperous new era of cooperation, collaboration, of extraordinary community development.”

Charles "Bizkitt" Smith
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