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Charles Smith

Director of Philanthropy

Charles Smith Jr is the CEO and president of Promo Car For You LLC. Promo Car For You was established in 2021 Promo Car For You is a marketing and advertisement company that offers services to local businesses that will assist their company to that next level. 

Charles is a Hazelwood Central High School Alum and always had a passion for business, which is why he pursued a college degree from The University of Central Missouri with a bachelor's degree in Business Management. While, in high school and college, Charles volunteered over 500 hours of community service. In high school, Charles volunteered his time to help Fireworks city sell fireworks to the local community. In college, Charles has helped the Echo foundation donate several thousand dollars to the kids in need at his local college community. Those donations helped over 350 low-poverty families have meals for dinner. 

Charles uses his professional business skills and has worked with several of the top 500 fortune companies, such as Mobile on the Run, and Dirt cheap Inc.  At Home Decor Superstore, and Currently, Charles help manages one of the biggest, retail industries in the world. 

Charles Smith
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