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Community Support

Luggage Drive held on January 6, 2024

We wanted to take a moment to express our sincerest appreciation for the overwhelming support we received in our recent campaign. Thanks to your generosity, we are delighted to announce that we gathered an impressive collection of luggage and essentials for the youth in foster care and residential group homes.


Your kind contributions have significantly impacted their lives, providing them with much-needed comfort and a sense of belonging. We are truly grateful for your thoughtfulness and compassion towards those who most need it.


We want to thank Divine Daughters , @willswayinc , @princessstormm, & breaking generational poverty for collectively supporting our mission and vision! We now have more than enough luggage to provide for over 300 youth. How awesome is that! Thank you to everyone who donated luggage, bags, and/or essentials. Your selfless act of generosity does not go unnoticed, and we want you to know that every donation, big or small, makes an impact.

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